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How to be more creative? Pay attention.

In Joseph Gordon Levitt’s TED talk on How Craving Attention Makes You Less Creative,  he argues that if your sense of creativity is driven by a desire to get attention, you’re never going to be creatively fulfilled. This can be especially challenging if you’re an entrepreneur and social media visibility is part of your e-commerce […]

Staying true to your brand by staying true to yourself

It takes a lot of effort to stay true to your brand. As businesses grow and explore opportunities, they quickly learn how to compromise and change the way they do things. And that’s not a bad thing! Change is a sign of growth and getting better at what we do. But it’s the way that […]

One reason why you don’t delegate work and five reasons why you should

Delegation is a measure of leadership. As the world gets more used to working remotely, companies and managers are compelled to rethink the way that they lead. Part of that criteria is how company leaders delegate work to get things done. On one end of the spectrum, managers who fail to delegate work or micromanage […]

4 Real Strategies for Building a Strong Customer Base Online

Building a costumer base online takes a lot of strategy. It’s not enough to have the right product, a cool-looking website, and a check-out cart on your front page. You need to figure out a way to reach the right people to let them know you’re selling something they need. Of course, having the right […]

How businesses can save money in 2021

The year 2021 looks like it’s going to be more of the same thing. We can expect to continue working remotely and keeping our distance. At least until the summer, which by then the vaccines are expected to reach at 70-85% of the population. Meanwhile, life goes on. Entrepreneurs and small businesses must find ways […]

How outsourcing improves your business: real stories from real CEOs

What is outsourcing?  Simply put, outsourcing is hiring expertise outside of your organization to do a specific job. It’s easy to imagine why some companies would want to do that. For small businesses with few resources to spare, outsourcing is an effective strategy to improve their competitiveness. For businesses intending to expand, outsourcing is a […]

4 Things Entrepreneurs Wish They Did Differently and 1 Thing They’re Happy They Did

Looking back, 2020 will probably be remembered for the major disruptions to our health as individuals and as a society. At the same time, the nature of the disruption has dramatically scaled back the pace of our lives. With many forced to work from home, people have taken stock of their fortunes. We have learned […]

Five Things To Remember When Choosing a Productivity Tool

When you search Google for advice on choosing the right productivity tools, you usually get an overwhelming list of available tools. Or they’ll tell you that you don’t really need productivity tools. Instead, they argue that what you really need is a way around your workflow. As uncertainty follows us into 2021, organizations have to […]

Four Important Ways to Make Customer Service More Responsive

In February, Forbes identified how 10 different start-ups are making their customer service strategies more responsive to their patrons’ needs. Blake Morgan noted how many of these companies are using big data and technology to make customer service more efficient, how they’re investing in keeping their employees trained and engaged, and how providing informational content […]