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How businesses can save money in 2021

The year 2021 looks like it’s going to be more of the same thing. We can expect to continue working remotely and keeping our distance. At least until the summer, which by then the vaccines are expected to reach at 70-85% of the population. Meanwhile, life goes on. Entrepreneurs and small businesses must find ways […]

How outsourcing improves your business: real stories from real CEOs

What is outsourcing?  Simply put, outsourcing is hiring expertise outside of your organization to do a specific job. It’s easy to imagine why some companies would want to do that. For small businesses with few resources to spare, outsourcing is an effective strategy to improve their competitiveness. For businesses intending to expand, outsourcing is a […]

Can property management be outsourced?

A man outsources customer support services to the woman on the screen

Choosing to outsource property management seems to go against common sense. After all, the most important part of property management is to stay on top of the care and maintenance of a piece of property. Frankly, that seems hard to do from a distance. While that may be mostly true, outsourcing property management does not […]