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What are the most important tasks of a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant on a computer screen

The most important tasks of a virtual assistant depend on the industry that they work in. They can perform tasks that range from routine and back-end support to design and managerial types of work.

What does an assistant property manager do?

A hand holding a house key

An assistant property manager’s job description can be summarized in one sentence. An assistant property manager provides support in carrying out tasks related to the professional care of a property. They help property managers optimize a growing firm’s performance as it begins take on more and more clients. Eventually, given enough experience, assistant property managers […]

Can property management be outsourced?

A man outsources customer support services to the woman on the screen

Choosing to outsource property management seems to go against common sense. After all, the most important part of property management is to stay on top of the care and maintenance of a piece of property. Frankly, that seems hard to do from a distance. While that may be mostly true, outsourcing property management does not […]

What can a property manager do for you?

A property manager holding a house

Property managers provide services that help convert passive ownership of property into profitable management. If you’re managing one property or if you live next to your rental, you might not need a property manager. However, if you’re planning to own or currently own several properties, it can make a real difference to hire a property […]