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4 Things Entrepreneurs Wish They Did Differently and 1 Thing They’re Happy They Did

Looking back, 2020 will probably be remembered for the major disruptions to our health as individuals and as a society. At the same time, the nature of the disruption has dramatically scaled back the pace of our lives. With many forced to work from home, people have taken stock of their fortunes. We have learned […]

Five Things To Remember When Choosing a Productivity Tool

When you search Google for advice on choosing the right productivity tools, you usually get an overwhelming list of available tools. Or they’ll tell you that you don’t really need productivity tools. Instead, they argue that what you really need is a way around your workflow. As uncertainty follows us into 2021, organizations have to […]

Four Important Ways to Make Customer Service More Responsive

In February, Forbes identified how 10 different start-ups are making their customer service strategies more responsive to their patrons’ needs. Blake Morgan noted how many of these companies are using big data and technology to make customer service more efficient, how they’re investing in keeping their employees trained and engaged, and how providing informational content […]

Building A Customer Service Team in 3 Key Steps

Set up of a customer service team

Why is customer service important? Customer service is an important aspect of any growing business. It’s the part of your business that handles inquiries and complaints, provides solutions, and improves company engagement with your customers. Your customer service team is responsible for taking your business further, by helping you retain and nurture patronship. So, it’s important […]

The 5 Most Essential Jobs in the Post-COVID World

Three women exchanging tips on how to find jobs in post-COVID world

If you clicked on this article hoping to read a list of essential jobs in the Post-COVID-19 world, here it is, without preamble:  Data Analyst Cybersecurity Analyst Logistician Educator or Teacher Management and Community Leader  There’s no telling just how many articles out there are saying the same thing, give or take a few jobs. […]

How to practice customer data security in 2020

Woman practicing security in more ways than one

If you’re not caught up, just so you know, there’s a massive transformation underway. Companies are rapidly seeking hybrid structures of operation, combining digital and brick-and-mortar practices, to adapt to the present challenges. But beyond the structural integration, it’s really the strategies of openness and collaboration spelling out the difference in success. However, this openness […]

The 5 Most Important Questions about Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant appears onscreen

Working off-site, virtual assistants provide specific expertise to a company, a business, a private practice, or any enterprising individual.

How the pandemic is changing the way we hire people

“As the world undergoes dramatic changes, businesses must seize opportunities for radical change and growth.”