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One reason why you don’t delegate work and five reasons why you should

Delegation is a measure of leadership. As the world gets more used to working remotely, companies and managers are compelled to rethink the way that they lead. Part of that criteria is how company leaders delegate work to get things done. On one end of the spectrum, managers who fail to delegate work or micromanage […]

Working from Home: the Benefits, Challenges, and Lessons for 2021

With vaccines rolling out steadily, things are definitely looking more hopeful in 2021. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done before everything levels back to something normal. For many, remote work will remain a way of life. There’s plenty of reasons to expect it will continue that way even after the global […]

The 5 Most Essential Jobs in the Post-COVID World

Three women exchanging tips on how to find jobs in post-COVID world

If you clicked on this article hoping to read a list of essential jobs in the Post-COVID-19 world, here it is, without preamble:  Data Analyst Cybersecurity Analyst Logistician Educator or Teacher Management and Community Leader  There’s no telling just how many articles out there are saying the same thing, give or take a few jobs. […]