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How to build a sustainable brand: 4 Important Lessons from Amazi Foods

Building a sustainable brand is more than just complying with set standards. It is about consciously finding ways to improve your process. Earlier this year, The Mover’s Spotlight spoke to the Founder and CEO of food brand Amazi Foods, Renne Dunn. She walked us through her experience and shared insights about what it takes to […]

Working from Home: the Benefits, Challenges, and Lessons for 2021

With vaccines rolling out steadily, things are definitely looking more hopeful in 2021. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done before everything levels back to something normal. For many, remote work will remain a way of life. There’s plenty of reasons to expect it will continue that way even after the global […]

5 Transferable Skills that you can get from Events Management

By Sally Robertson I used to work for a think tank in the research dissemination department. I was in-charge of setting up events, brownbags, seminars, and policy dialogues in public and private institutions all acorss the country. My clients were researchers and policy experts who helmed seminars ranging from 30 to over a thousand in […]