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Mover’s Spotlight on Addictive Wellness

I know that there’s a really great story behind Addictive Wellness. I want to know how you found your way to each other and how you came to build Addictive Wellness.  AnnaBlanca: Addictive Wellness has an unbelievable story. When you ask, “How did you find your way to each other?”, I’d say it was nothing […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Sheetal Bahirat and Reveal

Let’s go back to the beginning. Tell us a bit about yourself, Sheetal, and how Hidden Gems and Reveal came to be. Sheetal Bahirat: The story behind Reveal starts all the way back when I was working as a personal stylist. During that time in my life, I realized that people were coming to me […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Ashi Jelinek and KidsLuv

What’s the story behind Kidsluv? Where did the idea for the company come from?  Ashi Jelinek: So, I started the KidsLuv project in 2017. After having two kids, I was aware that there were tons of snack options out there that were healthy, low in sugar, and had added nutritional benefits. But I couldn’t find […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Nona Lim

So, Nona Lim, how did you start? What brought you into the CPG food industry, and where did you get the idea for Nona Lim?  Nona Lim: It’s a slightly long story. I grew up in Singapore, moved to London, worked there for eight years in management and software consulting before moving to the Bay […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Elizabeth Grojean and Baloo

Let’s go back to the beginning. I heard that you came up with Baloo weighted blankets while you were living in Bali. Can you walk us through that time in your life? How did you come up with wanting to develop such a product? Elizabeth Grojean: The story of Baloo and our weighted blankets started […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Alex Ostroff and Saint Urbain

Before we get into Saint-Urbain, I want to talk about you first. How did you personally get into the creative and design industry?   Alex Ostroff: Long before Saint Urbain, I went to film school in Montreal, Canada, where I’m from. And I loved it. I was on track for film. Now, I’m a huge foodie. […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Davina Kaonohi and ELĒMENT APOTHĒC

Tell us about yourself, Davina. How did Element Apothec come to be?  Davina Kaonohi: My journey towards Element Apothec began I started in the e-commerce space as a strategy and operations consultant. I’ve always been passionate about consumer goods and products that help people. I first got involved with the cannabis space a couple of […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Cason Crane and Explorer Cold Brew

So, Cason Crane. So, tell us  a little bit about yourself. Who are you and how did you start Explorer Cold Brew?  Cason Crane: I’m a bit of an explorer myself. Most notably, I was the first openly gay person to climb the highest mountains on each continent, also known as the Seven Summits, which […]

Mover’s Spotlight on UMAI Marketing’s Karin Samelson and Alison Smith

So, most of the time you guys put the spotlight on your partners and the brands that you work with. Today, we get to put the spotlight on you. So, let’s get to know you first. Very briefly, where were you guys before you built UMAI Marketing?  Alison Smith:  Right before UMAI Marketing, I was […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Laura Shafferman and Legally Addictive

We’ve read up a little bit but we want to hear you tell your story. So, Laura, tell us: how did Legally Addictive come about? Laura Shafferman: I started Legally Addictive during a turning point in my life. I was working in real estate marketing when I got laid off. There was a non-compete clause […]