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Mover’s Spotlight on Courtney Boyd Myers and AKUA

As a good way to start, tell us about AKUA – when did the idea for the company first come to you and how did it come together?  Courtney Boyd Myers: In 2016, I was invited to visit my first restorative kelp farm. It was about a 5-minute boat ride into the Thimble Islands near […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Alli Owen and Sweet Logic

Hi, Alli. So, I know you and your husband, Matt, started Sweet Logic together. How did you guys come up with your idea of Sweet Logic’s keto mug cakes?  Allie Owen: My husband and I both started doing keto in 2016 for different health reasons. When we started the diet, we discovered that it was […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Alex Bayer and Genius Juice

Genius Juices has had a lot of success in the past year or two, but we’d like to hear about where it all started. How did the business come together?  Alex Bayer: I started Genius Juice in 2014. Before that, I was an insurance agent for 7 years. I used to make myself a smoothie […]

Movers Spotlight on Mark Samuel and IWON

Tell us about IWON. How did it come together?  Mark Samuel: Back in 2016, I became involved with a bag company called Fit Mark that I had founded some years prior. I wanted to transition and continue to be in health and wellness. So, I looked for the void in the food and beverage industry […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Ben Koren and GO BIG

Describe what goes into GO BIG. Ben Koren: Imagine if a five-hour energy shot and a wellness beverage had a baby, that’s GO BIG. We took the best parts of each kind of beverage and put it together to make something that we believe is exponentially better. Essentially, my co-founder and I brought what we’ve […]

Mover’s Spotlight on Brian Tate and Oats Overnight

At what point in your career as a poker player did you decide that, yeah, I want to start a business instead? What convinced you to start Oats Overnight? Brian Tate: In poker, success is about winning. Personally, it was about being best at the game that I played. In poker, you can buy into […]