What are the most important tasks of a virtual assistant?

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The most important tasks of a virtual assistant depend on the industry and the company that they work for.

They can perform tasks that range from routine and back-end support to design and managerial duties. 

In short, virtual assistants are contractual employees who take on jobs to enhance the business processes of companies and individuals. It is a matter of imagination, really, to determine just how many tasks companies can entrust to virtual assistants. 

Below are some industries that do not only welcome but thrive on hiring virtual assistants. 

Real Estate 

The real estate industry has many responsibilities for virtual assistants to fulfill. Firms outsource property management services such as client and customer care, finance and bookkeeping, scheduling of maintenance and inspection, and marketing

These services require different specializations. However, there are common qualities that will help potential applicants succeed as a real estate virtual assistants: 

  • Attention to detail. Real estate virtual assistants have to be sensitive to details. They monitor maintenance schedule, create repair and inspection reports, or document financial helath. Important real estate decisions rely on details, details, details. In that regard, virtual assistants can help property managers make the right decisions by optimizing the management of their database.
  • Sense of punctuality. In real estate, time is money. Virtual assistants need to be punctual – whether they have to schedule a meeting with potential clients, create maintainance schedules, or answer inquiries. It’s important for a virtual assistant to help property managers stay on top of their schedule.  
  • Communication skills. Generally, virtual assistants need good communication skills. In the case of real estate virtual assistants, they communicate not just with property managers but also contractors, inspectors, buyers, and tenants. Knowing when to listen and how to speak to different parties and stakeholders is an important skill. 

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Law can be an incredibly arduous profession. Because of this, firms tap outsourcing companies and virtual assistants to manage various responsibilities. Their services range from general administrative tasks to actual paralegal work

Evidently, it depends on the law firm or the lawyer to determine which tasks are ready for outsourcing. Making this distinction affects the requirements included in the job posting. In other words, experience in legal work may or may not be required to work in this field. It really depends.  

Either way, virtual assistants who are thinking of applying need to possess the following qualities:

  • Communication skills. Virtual assistants schedule meetings, appointments, events, court dates, call backs, etc. Being able to clarify and communicate these things are important. Some virtual assistants even conduct interviews with potential witnesses or call up institutions for various requests. Thus, a virtual assistant who is confident, punctual, and can think on their feet would be ideal for this role. 
  • Detailed and meticulous. Law is an incredibly meticulous profession. Virtual assistants handle and manage the storage of certain documents. Therefore, it is important to know how to store, retrieve, and transfer documents in a safe and secure manner.
  • Research skills. It is common for firms to assign legal research to virtual assistants. Good research skills are more than just being able to find important and relevant information. They include the ability to distinguish, analyze and organize information as needed. 

Plenty of outsourcing companies like Virtual Paralegal can help you jumpstart your career in legal virtual assistance.

Accounting and Finance 

Financial virtual assistants are not a new thing. Even before, small and medium businesses and private practices have outsourced many financial tasks, including accounting and bookkeeping. They hire professional accounting firms or private accounting practices. 

Virtual accountants or bookkeepers perform much in the same way. They also offer services like account maintenance, auditing, payroll services, financial reporting and planning, budgeting, investment planning and even banking services

Most job postings for virtual accountants or financial virtual assistants require: 

  • License. Virtual accountants are licensed accountants. Likewise in other industries, certification indicates training and educational background. Clients look for accountants who know how to professionally manage the financial health of individuals and institutions. In some countries, obtaining a license requires taking a four-year course in accounting and finance, banking, or business management. 
  • Research skills. Because virtual accountants and virtual financial assistants are going to be dealing with finances, naturally, they’ll be asked to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of financial laws and regulations of a particular company or a state. Having good research skills will help a virtual assistant acquire additive knowledge that will help them do their jobs effectively. 

Companies like Flatworldsolutions provide virtual accounting assistance and financial services to anyone anywhere around the world. 

Social Media Management  

Nowadays, businesses across the world are beginning to internalize the importance of managing their online presence. They’re hiring virtual assistants with social media expertise to fulfill tasks related to their business.

Social Media Management is definitely a growing industry where qualifications include: 

  • Ability to navigate online platforms optimally. While it’s tempting to think that having accounts across various social media platforms can easily make a person qualified to be a social media manager, many businesses and professionals don’t want just any active user. They also seek users who use their social media to build networks, grow an audience organically, and nurture relationships. As businesses shift their operations online, social media managers can help them adapt and enhance their presence.
  • Creativity. One of the most important assets of social media managers is the ability to create original and catchy content. In fact, social media management involves different aspects of inbound marketing. People who are capable of creating unique posts that communicate call-to-actions concisely will do well in this field. 
  • Customer service abilities. Part of a professional social manager’s job description may be to provide care and support to customers. Of course, the job varies based on the companies’ approach and policies. Generally, social media managers are tasked to nurture the relationships between a business and its customers. They field inquiries, redirect concerns and complaints, and respond to public comments and feedback

Many other fields like medicine, insurance and banking, and education and research employ virtual assistants of various specializations.

If you think you’re creative, capable of working independently, and would like to be in control of your time and resources, consider the virtual assistant industry. 

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